Problems with the KT7?

Problems with the Abit KT7 Motherboards

Two different sources have indicated that all may not be perfect with the Abit KT7 motherboards


February 12, 2001
by Eric Svetcov
Iíve been delaying this months report on the Engineering system because of a troubling issue that has cropped up. There appear to be some problems with one of the most popular KT-133 motherboards on the market.
Although I have yet to experience this problem with nearly a dozen of these boards, it appears that these boards do have issues with certain video cards. Issues that make these boards unusable with some of the most popular NVIDIA video cards and others.
Both Monarch Computer and our Test Center Director, Casey Todd have had problems with this board and various cards running AGP 4x. The dozen systems I currently have running flawlessly are either running with the AGP 2x ATI Xpert 2000 or a PCI video card (in 2U servers).
Monarch Computer has been in contact with Abit (my e-mails have not been returned) and has been told that by over clocking the processor that the problem goes away. Monarch Computer has indicated that the workaround makes the boards more stable, but the problem doesnít go away entirely. Also, as you might imagine, AMD would not be too thrilled to have a major system manufacturer selling over clocked chips.
Until this situation is resolved, will not continue to recommend Abit motherboards.
When I learn more, I will pass along the information to readers.
If you would like to discuss this issue further, please check out the forums.