Colin Young

Subject: Fanmail From Some Flounder

Mr. Svetcov,

I noticed your frequent comments on ZDNet news (which, by the way, are consitently enjoyable to read) and I thought that I would check out your site

I must say that I was quite impressed. I'm a student right now, currently in the Computer Programmer Analyst program at Lambton College in my home town of Sarnia, ON, Canada. I just wanted to let you know that your work is indeed appreciated by those of us studying to become one with the IT field. Your comments on ZDNet are a treasure to read, and IThell is a wealth of information (I WANT one of those Blueberry Pagers!)

I encourage you to keep up the good work, and I look forward to someday being a frustrated IT profesional venting on your website! =)


Colin "Space Monkey" Young


Thanks for writing, after receiving your note I think I smiled for at least an hour. :)

First, I have to say, you are not a flounder....I don’t think I ever mentioned once on that Canadians are flounders. But, if you would like to continue thinking that way, I’m sure your fellow Canadians might be just a little concerned. :)

Even though many of us whine and groan about IT, we actually do enjoy our jobs. However, when you take your place in the workforce, I invite....dare I say to come to and vent!!!

Now about the “Blueberry” pagers....they are “Blackberry” pagers. The company that makes them, Research-in-Motion is a Canadian company just outside of Toronto (if you are looking for a job in Canada, I would recommend you send your resume there).

Thanks again for writing. I really enjoyed your note.

Eric Svetcov

PS - How did you get the “space monkey” nickname? Or shouldn’t I ask?