Dell recalls batteries and charges $99 for a $29 keyboard

October 13, 2000

by Eric Svetcov


Until this morning, this article was going to be about Dellís $99 keyboard that should really be $29, but in light of the 27,000 battery recall just announced, this little price discrepency is almost insignificant.


So, now for a little info. Dell is recalling notebook batteries shipped between June 22 and September 15 in the Americas and between June 22 and October 4 into Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The batteries were manufactured by Sanyo Electric for Dell according to ZDNet.


Why is Dell recalling the batteries? This from the Dell site, ďThese batteries can short circuit, even when the battery is not in use, potentially causing them to become very hot, release smoke and possibly catch fire.Ē This sounds bad....I recommend that all of you who have Dell laptops with these batteries take this problem seriously. Your company potentially could be held liable if an accident on a recalled product occurs and you had failed to act.


The models affected are:

  • Latitude CPiA
  • Latitude CPi R
  • Latitude CPtC
  • Latitude CPtS
  • Latitude CPtV
  • Latitude CPxH
  • Latitude CPxJ
  • Inspiron 3700
  • Inspiron 3800 (see label on bottom of computer).

Information about the recall can be found on Dellís website at


Now for Dellís $99 keyboard


Now onto the other Dell issues. For the last several days, Dell has been selling its QuietKey keyboard for $99 when bought with an Inspiron notebook online. This wouldnít be a problem, except that the same keyboard sold with the Latitude line is $29 and when you call a Dell sales representative they will quote you $29. I actually noticed the problem 3 days ago while configuring a system. I figured that they would correct the problem, but so far they havenít.


I actually almost didnít notice the price difference. I am so used to using the Dell site that I wasnít looking at the price of this relatively minor piece of equipment, until after I had printed the configuration I wanted and submitted the Purchase Requisition to the Finance Department. Iím sure other folks buying this over the last few days havenít noticed the pricing problem either.


When I called Dellís Press Relations folks to find out what was going on, I was told that this was the first they had heard of it. And that they would research the problem. They promised to get back to me with information on how and when they will fix this issue - hopefully it will result in automatic refunds of the price difference. Once I know more, I will pass it along on


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