What is IThell?

The next four years....

Well, itís time to sweep out the old and bring in the new. IThell.com has been around since January 31, 2000 and itís time to look to the next four years.

First, let me say it has been a great ride so far. I have enjoyed the dialogue, the articles, the letters and outstanding feedback from readers, vendors, partners, friends and family. IThell.com is a growing community of previously disenfranchised IT professionals with nowhere to vent....now we have IThell.com.

Now onto the plans. In addition to the irreverent content and useful tips, one plan that I wanted to implement much earlier is threaded messaging. I havenít done it yet and I apologize. Other things came up and I felt that I could delay the forums for a while longer. I now know that I canít and shouldnít have delayed in the past and this is now the top priority.....well, almost.

Actually, there are a few other things that need to be done. I need to automate the signup of new e-mail accounts, I need to create an IThell.com logo (any of you who are artistically inclined who want to offer me one, that would be great), there is a need for some other artwork and better banner ads, and of course it wouldnít hurt if there was a revenue model so that I could devote more of my time working on IThell.com.

In early 2001 there will also be a new sister site to IThell.com. I have reserved the URL HaloAwards.com and intend to maintain it as the award site for those IT solutions that really are truly outstanding. The first inductee for this award was iCommunicate.net. If you are interested in the article announcing their award, please check out CRM isnít a bad word.

Also, I plan to announce new partners and work to create pooled buying opportunities similar to the discounts at Monarch Computer (see the IThell Partners page for information on current partnerships and discount products/services).

Now itís time for me to go vote....as you can see, Iím interested in what the next four years holds for all of us.

Eric Svetcov, Editor - November 7, 2000

IThell.com original launch introduction from January 31, 2000